18+ Paid Content

Fansly: fans.ly/velvetvalie

This will be the new website where you can purchase my 18+ content! It will be pretty much the same as my paid OnlyFans but it's free to follow, $5 to sub!

OnlyFans: onlyfans.com/velvetvalie

I post the same exact content on here as I do my fansly. However, the Fansly website is better in every way, please consider joining my Fansly instead! This OF exists for those who are not willing to switch platforms. $5 to sub

Past Photosets: onlyfans.com/velvetvalerina

This is my free-to-subscribe OnlyFans where older
photosets will be available for purchase.

Social Media

Twitter: twitter.com/velvetvalie

I'm able to post more lewd content to Twitter because it
doesn't have strict rules like Instagram.

Instagram: instagram.com/velvetvalie

I'm more active in my stories so keep an eye out for those

TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRHAVkrB/

My biggest platform! I post fun dances in cute outfits!

Facebook: facebook.com/velvetvalie

I don't post much here but you can follow if you want!


Youtube: youtube.com/c/VelvetValie

I haven't posted yet but I plan to in the future! Please subscribe so
you don't miss my eventual youtube debut!

Twitch: m.twitch.tv/velvetvalie/profile

Like my YouTube, I haven't quite used Twitch yet but I would
appreciate early follows for when I do eventually decide to stream!